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The Goa, North Karnataka circuit is one of my favourites. I have been to Goa more than 30 times and to the North Karnataka coast at least 15. At least 10 families from India and abroad have done this circuit after I started recommending it to my acquaintances. The circuit is a 07 – 10 day trip which recommends stay on the Goan beaches of Palolem and Bogmallo totaling 05 – 07 days, a night stay in the island of Devbagh at the confluence of the Kali River and the Arabian Sea in the Karwar District of North Karnataka, then stay for a couple of nights in a typical Konkan coastal town of Honavar. With Honavar as the base one gets to see the JOG FALLS (highest water fall in India), the longest railway bridge of the Konkan Railways, the tallest statue of Lord Shiva (Lord of Yoga) in India, going to the only tiger and lion safari in India, getting a feel of what the Kerala backwater life can be, while one takes a trip along tributaries of the Sharawati River, appreciate temple architecture on a visit to a 16 century temple and above all meet the internationally acclaimed sandalwood carvers.
The South East Asia is a huge geography but my Favourites would include Bangkok, Phuket, Kuantan, Singapore and Bali. This itinerary would take at least 16 days but is worth every minute of your travel .The whole region is pulsating with life, beauty ,orderliness and lots of beautiful memories to carry back home. Thailand gives you luxury which is affordable, a variety of entertainment options, great cultural traditions and lots of shopping. Kuantan in Malaysia offers affordable Golfing, dinner by the beautiful South China Sea and the Olive Ridley Protection Facilities at Cherating. The city state of Singapore helps give a glimpse of what enterprise and ingenuity can do bring in CLEAN, SAFE, GREEN and harmonious living between four major religions of the world. Bali in Indonesia transports one to a world of dreams. From its Hindu temples to the terrace rice fields on the mountain slopes to surfing, yachting to Bungee Jumping, to dancing, to witnessing some exquisite traditional dance forms or digging your teeth into the delightful bebek roast and Nasi Babi guling. You can shop for costumes and handicrafts. One visit to this region makes you hanker for more. For the Europeans and the Americans an ideal holiday would be a combination of a little of South East Asia and India. It will fill you to the brim.
The North Eastern Part of India is truly incredible. Here one will find a truly diverse and vibrant culture within a relatively small geographical area. This is a place when animism and beautiful age old customs have intermixed with established religions like Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism to create a cauldron which is a traveler’s ultimate delight. I have travelled at least 10,000 kms in these parts and most of it has been in the last three odd years. A 10 day journey will take you through Assam, Meghalaya and Nagaland. The itinerary in these parts could include visiting a National Park, a helicopter ride, seeing the wettest region of the world , trekking down to a village at the bottom of a near gorge, taking a few golfing lessons, seeing how tea is plucked and made, a river ride to the world’s largest riverine island , home stays, watching local bull fights, meandering through the local village markets, meet weavers and appreciate their weaving skills and last but not the least see the Famous War Cemetery at Kohima where one reads the famous lines “They gave their today for your tomorrow”. The hotels and amenities are not of a very high standard but the sheer scenic beauty and the people more than compensate for everything. The North East is a fascinating region of India that is characterised by some breathtaking scenic beauty. The flora and fauna of the region is diverse in nature and boasts of some rare birds and animanls. The region is a treasure trove for travellers who can enjoy the serenity of the mountains together with the attractive landscape.


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