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Tuesday, November 28, 2023 


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Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals conducts free eye check up and screening camp at Orphuli village

Kolkata, October 16: In its continuous endeavour to provide succour and relief to the needy and the underprivileged section of the society, Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals in association with its affiliate unit RCC Kolaghat successfully organised an eye check up and cataract screening camp at Yubosrat Sangha at Orphuli village in Bagnan district on Sunday.
The camp commenced at around 11 in the morning and continued till 4 p.m. Nearly 250 individuals from Orphuli village participated in the free eye check up camp. The majority of the villagers who got their eyes tested were the elderly while others belonging to various age groups also took part in the medical procedure.
The members of the Yubosrat Sangha and RCC Kolaghat with guidance from the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals ensured the succesful completion of the entire proceedings. The Panchayat Pradhan of the village lauded the efforts of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals in rendering the much required assistance to the villagers to keep their vision in a healthy state.Those who represented the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals at the event included Rotarians Anjishnu Biswas, Saudull Abedin and Sanjoy Dutt.
The technical expertise for the camp was provided by the Rotary eye hospital Hooghly following a request by Rotarians Saudull Abedin and Sanjoy Dutt to District Governor Hiralal Yadav. District Governor Hiralal Yadav promptly complied with the plea and issued necessary directives to the eye hospital so that the camp could be organised successfully. While Rotarians Saudull Abedin and Sanjoy Dutt with their active involvement gave shape to the commendable project of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals, fellow Rotarian Shelley Mehta provided the financial resources for the camp.
The spectacles will be provided free of cost to the concerned people and handed over to the club authorities on Thursday. The surgery for cataract too would be conducted free of cont by Rotary eye hospital Hooghly the schedule for which will be subsequently furnished to the club.
The team of technical experts and opthalmologists from Rotary eye hospital Hooghly included Animesh Giri, Emarul Ishlam,Tiyasha Adhikari, Papiya Mukherjee, Priyanka Banerjee, Biswajit Ghosh,Manoj Kumar Pal, Anamika Bhattacharya and Nayab Gouha.
The team attended to the people who came for vision linked assistance with great competence and sincerity and their overall approach was quite praiseworthy. Only a certain portion of the Orphuli rural populace could be accommodated at the camp while efforts will be made by the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals and its affiliate unit RCC Kolaghat to include more villagers in the ensuing camp likely to be organised in the near future.
By Anjishnu Biswas Editor, exoticecho.com


DG event of Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals concludes successfully

Kolkata, October 11: The District Governor's meet also known as the DG meet of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals was conducted successfully at the Conclave in Calcutta yesterday.The DG meet is a mandatory event for any Rotary Club and is of great importance for it's members. On this day the District Governor offers his valuable advice to the Rotarians how to go ahead with the plans and programmes of the Rotary Clubs for the welfare of the community. The DG meet of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals was presided over by the District Governor Hiralal Yadav with Assistant District Governor Sanjay Dugar in attendance.
The District Governor Hiralal Yadav appreciated the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals for their stupendous endeavour to undertake various projects benefitting the society at large. A confidential report was presented by the Assistant Governor Sanjay Dugar about the activities of the club which he obtained after a thorough interaction with the members of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals which he subsequently related it to the District Governor. Based on his report the District Governor made his observation about the laudable activities of the club which included teaching schedules for the not so fortunate children of the societal order, improving the condition of inmates of correctional homes by furnishing bins for disposal of waste materials, sponsoring a cultural programme at Kolaghat. The District Governor also praised the efforts of the club in organising an eye check up and medical camp at Orphuli village at Bagnan in Howrah district on the 15th of October.
The District Governor urged the members of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals to continue the good work and make every attempt to make the society a better place to live in. The District Governor during the course of the meeting also shared some of his thoughts during his association with the Rotary Club. He recalled how he had built an eye hospital from scratch with limited funds. But once he stated the project funds started flowing in and gradually the eye hospital was set up. Afterwards he wondered how he could complete such a big project with limited resources at the initial stage.In this regard he observed that funds were not a constraint in envisioning a project and giving shape to it.
Assistant Director Sanjay Dugar stressed on the fact that members of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals could contribute towards the development of the the society with their professional expertise and not necessarily always through monetary assistance. The Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals Charter was handed over to its affiliate Rotary Community Corps, Kolaghat.The Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals has been providing funds to RCC Kolaghat for various programmes undertaken by it. Members of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals who were present at the event included the President Malini Soans, Treasurer Neelam Khanna, Secretary Indrani Gangulee, Advisor to the club Rakesh Bhatia, Dr Nabarun Bhowmick, Saudull Abedin, Sanjoy Dutt, Abhishek Das, Anjishnu Biswas and Shelley Mehta
By Anjishnu Biswas Editor exoticecho.com


Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals undertakes visit to primary school for the underprivileged in Kolkata

Kolkata; September 26: In an effort to adhere to its commitment to provide assistance to those in need, Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals today paid a visit to Bal Shiksha Sadan primary school at Park Street.
The Principal of the school informed the members that there were only seventy students in the school with an average of forty five to fifty students attending classes regularly on a daily basis. Almost all the students come from nearby slums with their parents going out in search of livelihood since the start of the day. The Principal further revealed that there were ten teachers who taught the students in the co-educational primary school.
Although the school is recognised and aided by the government of West Bengal and provides mid day meal to the students it somewhat has inadequate facilities to cater to some of the crucial needs of the students.
The Principal pointed out to the lack of proper facilities for the students to wash their hands after eating their mid day meal. The students wash their hands with water meant for drinking and thus making the basins dirty with food particles blocking the outlet. A separate basin for the students to wash their hands would make the conditions hygienic. Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals is deliberating on the proposal to provide separate washing and drinking systems for the students.
Malini Soans the President of Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals presented educational charts to the Principal of Bal Siksha Sadan.She also presented the Principal with some plants as part of the green and clean initiative of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals. Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals member Anjishnu Biswas accompanied the President during the visit to the school.


Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals Observes Chartered Day with vow to continue with the good work

Kolkata, September 24: The Chartered Day of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals was observed today with great fervour and enthusiasm at the Commune, Chowringhee Terrace, Kolkata. Members who were present on the occasion strongly expressed their strong commitment to serving the people with determination and selflessness.
It was on this day that the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals took a pledge for the betterment of society by engaging in community services for those concerned.Since then under the capable guidance and able leadership of the Rotarians involved with the activities of the club have been relentlessly working to offer community services to the people of concerned section of the society.
In this regard several community projects were taken up by the club and successfully executed. Some of the projects which were organised in Kolkata included sustainable teaching programmes, women's empowerment programme, providing kits for ensuring hygiene at correctional homes. The Rotary Royals also sponsored a sit and draw competition at Orphuli village in Kolaghat in association with its associate. The club also undertook a visit to an orphanage in North Kolkata to express their solidarity with the authorities and offered assistance to the inmates.
There are also several projects that are scheduled in the days to come. The foremost being an eye camp on 15th October at Kolaghat to be followed by a blood donation camp in the same area. Several other sustainable projects are in the pipeline that are going to be implemented in due course. The programme was graced by Assistant District Governor of Rotary Club of Calcutta, Sanjoy Duggar who gave his valuable suggestions about how to successfully take forward the exclusive activities of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals.
The programme was conducted by the President of the Club, Malini Soans and attended by Rotarians Shelly Mehta, Neelam Khanna, Indrani Ganguly, Nabarun Bhowmick, Saudull Abedin and Anjishnu Biswas. The members who were present discussed and deliberated on the need to organise and implement greater number of projects for the benefit of those who do not have access to primary benefits.
The programme concluded with President elect Saudull Abedin delivering the vote of thanks.
By Anjishnu Biswas Editor, exoticecho.com


Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals lends support to RCC Kolaghat for rural cultural event in Orphuli village

Kolkata, August 15: In a befitting commemoration of the 77th year of Indian Independence marking the 76th year of freedom from the bondage of British rule, Orphuli Yubosrat Sangha in association with the RCC Kolaghat and with the dedicated support of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals organised an exclusive recitation and sit and draw competition for the children of Orphuli village for various age groups.
The children of the village clad in their best colourful attire as they could afford as per their ability participated in the competition with great enthusiasm and zeal. The children were accompanied by their parents who also enjoyed the proceedings greatly.
Nearly two hundred participants took part in the competition which was efficiently organised by Orphuli Yubosrat Club. Eminent personalities of the village graced the occasion.
Some of the participants showed exceptional talent in reciting poems while others exhibited their extraordinary skill in the sit and draw competition.
Several of the participants preferred to recite poems on the theme of independence while others recited poems composed by some of the greatest poets of Bengal. While a number of participants in the sit and draw contest selected the subject of Indian independence which they portrayed through their paintings others chose to reveal through their paintings different topics that represented different themes.
A large number of rural folks turned up to witness the grand event.
Members of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals felt that some the participants of this distant village from Kolkata who showed great potential could accomplish exceptional feat if nurtured properly and Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals will sustain its endeavour in this regard by patronizing RCC Kolaghat for their praiseworthy effort.
The event was organised in a pleasant ambience against the backdrop of the Rupnarayan river and the simplicity of the village folks adding a special charm to the entire programme.
The colourful event came to an end with eminent personalities from Orphuli village and members of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals distributing prizes to the winners in various categories of the competition in conformity with the different age groups.
President of Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals Malini Soans, Secretary Indranee Ganguly, Treasurer Neelam Khanna, members Chitra Abedin, Saudull Abedin, Sanjoy Dutt, Biswajit Bose and Anjishnu Biswas conferred the honours to the winning participants.
Orphuli Yubosrat Sangha and RCC Kolaghat left no stone unturned in extending a warm reception to the members of the Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals in the most laudable manner. A sumptuous lunch with the unique taste of rural Bengal was served to the guests from Rotary Club of Calcutta Royals.



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