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Sunday, July 21, 2024 


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Royal wedding marked by pomp and grandeur

April 29: In a glittering exhibition of majestic spectacle and pomp, Prince William and Catherine Middleton tied the nuptial knot today at Westminster Abbey. Enthusiastic followers packed the street from the Abbey to take a view of the regal pair and their 1,900 visitors coming to attend the festivities.

The multitude went up in roars as an elegant Prince William – donning a remarkable red tunic of the Irish Guard Colonel, his main voluntary engagement - and best man Harry reached Abbey. Catherine, 29, came in Queen Elizabeth's traditional Rolls Royce limousine, referred to as the Phantom VI, to turn into a noble and commence life in the glow of the media limelight.

People in large numbers worldwide saw the live telecast of the couple exchanging pledges to become the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The wedding between 28-year-old Prince William, second in contention for the throne, and Catherine, has fortified the resurgence in the monarchy's fame. British Prime Minister David Cameron noted that the regal marriage has been emotive for his nation.

By Our Special Correspondent


Americans Think Chinese Economic Strength Greater Than the United States

December 8: The American community is extremely worried about the vigor of the U.S. economy along with its competitiveness with the other regions of the globe, in accordance with poll results publicized by The Allstate Corporation along with National Journal.

The seventh quarterly Allstate-National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll concentrated on how Americans consider U.S. workforce competitiveness and the American manufacturing segment as a vital force of employment generation. Merely 20% of Americans polled think that the United States has the strongest financial system in the globe, while almost half articulate that China enjoys the rank.

Notwithstanding this negative outlook, one-third of Americans (34%) think the United States will boast of the globe’s strongest financial system in 20 years, more or less in accordance with those who embrace comparable anticipation of China's financial system (37%). Respondents alluded to America's capability in its higher education scheme (74%), science as well as research (66%), workforce (56%) along with corporate leaders (57%).

Eighty percent of Americans state manufacturing will be very or extremely considerable to U.S. fiscal expansion over the next five to 10 years. Stressing on this aspect, 62% concur it's essential for the government to facilitate better manufacturing industries with tax encouragement as well as support – even if it represents additional federal expenditure and further government participation in the financial system.

Thomas J. Wilson, Allstate chairman, president and chief executive officer noted, "Americans clearly understand the global economic landscape has changed," furthermore stating, "As a result, they are concerned about their future and that of their children. They want public and private leaders to put aside ideological fundamentalism and make compromises to move the country forward. Businesses need to expand their investment in U.S. growth. Public sector leaders must support manufacturing, research and education. Our common goal should be for America to remain the most advanced, most innovative, and largest economy in the world."

Ronald Brownstein, editorial director of National Journal Group observed,” President Obama said this week that the nation is facing 'our Sputnik moment' in the international economic competition, and it's clear from the latest Heartland Monitor survey that many Americans agree," He also noted, "The powerful anxiety crackling through this poll about the nation's precarious position in the global race for jobs and growth should be a signal to politicians in both parties that Americans are open to, and even eager for, bold ideas from business and government to strengthen our competitive position."


Ban greets US-Russia Nuclear weapons cutback accord

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has greeted the momentous agreement signed by the US and Russia pledging them to key nuclear weapons reductions and labeled it as a vital objective in universal attempts to move ahead on nuclear disarmament.

A proclamation released by Ban's representative Martin Nesirky observed, "The Secretary-General welcomes the signing of the New START Treaty as an important milestone in the international efforts to advance nuclear disarmament and to achieve a world free of nuclear weapons".

President Barck Obama along with his Russian complement Dmitri Medvedev endorsed the agreement in Prague to reduce their tactical nuclear armory.


Obama’s final plea before healthcare vote

Prior to a very significant vote on comprehensive healthcare transformation, US President Barack Obama has mobilized the backing of Democratic policymakers on Capitol Hill.

"Let's get this done," while appealing to them to support the move in a House vote anticipated on Sunday.

Democratic leaders have exhausted several days making attempts to obtain the 216 votes required to approve the greatly challenged bill.

Steny Hoyer, Democratic House Majority Leader expressed optimism saying the party at present had the required backing.

Veteran House Democrats have resolved on a direct vote to approve a Senate version of the reform bill, instead of utilizing a bureaucratic method that would have "deemed" it approved without a vote.


China opposed to Iran developing nuclear capability for weapons

March 18: China on Thursday emphasized on the fact that Iran should not build up any potential to manufacture nuclear weapons, but clarified that all channels should be thoroughly explored prior to clamping fresh restrictions on it through the United Nations.

China's ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva, He Yafei, observed,” We certainly do not want to see an Iran with a nuclear weapon capability... China is very much for safeguarding and strengthening the nuclear non-proliferation regime."

He noted that Iran, as a constituent of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), was free to utilize nuclear energy for peaceful objectives but it should not build up any capacity that could generate nuclear arms.

He observed,” We need to do our best, to exhaust every avenue before we decide on whether we should have additional sanction measures (against Iran).”



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